Achieve your triathlon goals!


If you are looking for someone to motivate you, someone you can ask all your triathlon and race related questions… You found your match! I would love sharing my knowledge with you and help you achieve your goals.  

Since 2016 I coach a group of enthusiastic triathletes. We work with different packages, which mainly differ in the amount of contact-, and thus evaluation moments. With each of the different packages you can expect a fun and personal training program that takes your current shape, level, goals, planning and wishes into careful consideration.

Based on your feedback and physical response to last week’s or month’s training program, we build a new plan, either on a weekly or month basis. Of course, we will discuss your work- and family schedule to see what’s possible in the always limited amount of time that’s left for training. We make the most of your situation and make sure to enjoy the process just as much as the outcome. 

“I can’t believe how I used to mess around making my own trianing programs. Of course, that will also get you across the finish line… But if you really want to improve, you sometimes just need some help.” – Carlo Pappot

Have a look at the training packages below to see what suits your situation. We can discuss this in detail over the phone during a no-strings-attached intake call. Of course, you can always later decide to either down- or upgrade your package.  

If you’re interested, or if you have any more questions, you can reach out to me via If you are interested to be coached by me, we can plan a call and see how I can help you improve as a triathlete.

For all the training packages, it applies that there are no strings attached. I wouldn’t want to hold you back in case you feel like something’s not working for you! 


So we both have a good overview of your progress and training sessions, I make use of Trainingpeaks. You will find all your training programs and additional notes via this platform. The use of Trainingpeaks is completely free of charge for you!

Single Discipline
For who needs minimal guidance with just one of the three triathlon disciplines
Choice of a monthly, customized swim-, bike- or running program
Monthly program & evaluation
Triathlon Month Package
For who prefers to outsource the creating of a good training program
Completely accustomed training program based on your goals, level and agenda
Monthly program & evaluation
Triathlon Week Package
For the diehard that makes many hours and therefor needs weekly feedback
Weekly program adapted to your current shape and physical response to the previous week
Weekly program & evaluation
Premium Package
For the triathlete with great goals and many questions
Interim adjustment of the weekly program and contact on a nearly daily basis
Weekly program & weekly multiple contact moments

Thomas van Embden:

“After starting triathlon with a sprint distance two years ago, I found it time to find someone who could help me with my journey towards a half-distance triathlon. Last year, I started with Evert’s programs. After some chatting on the phone, we agreed on six training sessions per week next to my full-time job. We have regularly discussed my progress and whether I had small local races coming up that he had to keep in mind. Last year, I finished the half-distance triathlon one hour faster than I had expected. We are now busy working towards the next goal. I’m getting stronger with the week. The programs have a lot of variety while still having a touch of predictability with, for instance, one long endurance training and one interval training per discipline. For me this works best. Knowing what to do, but still having control over when I train. I can recommend it to everyone!”


Willem Ariens:

“Since October 2017 I work with Evert’s training programs. It fits me well and makes me feel strong! Even though sometimes I struggle to tick off all the sessions due to work. I feel like I am improving a lot and I look forward to a beautiful triathlon season!


Carlo Pappot:

“Evert started coaching me half a year ago, and I can honestly say that I enjoy it a lot. Because I have a busy family life and work week, I like some flexibility in my training programs; Evert takes care of that very well. It’s nice that you don’t need to come up with a session yourself, the schedule will tell you what to do, so you just go out and get it done. I can’t believe how I used to mess around making my own programs. Of course, that will also get you across the finish line… But if you like to really improve, you sometimes just need some help.”


Would you like to be part of GingerTri Coaching, or would you like to have some more information? Just contact me via the contact form below, or drop me a message at