Arnhem, The Netherlands - Stellenbosch, South-Africa

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Beter Zwemmen


Swimming is a technical sport, this makes it difficult, but also gives a lot of room for improvement. Especially when you train in the right manner. That’s why I started to teaching weekly swimming classes in Westervoort, near Arnhem (the Netherlands).

Every Wednesday (7:30-8:30) and Thursday (20:00-21:00) we train in Sportsplanet, Westervoort.  The training mainly consists of technique exercises that focus on specific parts of your stroke. The exercizes will help you make progress, you will soon swim faster, yet using less energy. You can save that for the bike and run! 

There is no need to be a pro swimmer in order to participate. There are many different levels that are divided over different lanes. We also have a lane for beginners, so you wouldn’t be on your own!

The costs are €8.- per training or €45.- for a 6-classes-ticket. Would you like to join? You can come by without further notice. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me through info@evertscheltinga.nl.

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Attention! During the winterperiod, October to April, classes will be given by Frank Heestermans (this due to my own trainingcamps abroad in this time). Frank and I have trained together for years with the same coach and under the same approach. Therefor his approach is almost completely similar to mine. You can conact him through the previously mentioned Facebookpage may you have any questions.