Arnhem, The Netherlands - Stellenbosch, South-Africa

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Whining in Walchsee

14237668_10209543773724543_8814298896658080755_nAfter my crash in Samorin I did not recover as well as I hoped. It took a long time before I got back to training on normal intensity, this appeared not to be enough for the EC half challenge. Nevertheless, I went off to Austria to give it a shot. Satisfied with my season I was already anyways, I just hoped for a nice bonus and to finish the season of with a *boom*, because it is always frustrating to finish with a bad race.

As I mentioned in earlier reports, I definitely dit not want a DNF behind my name this season, so I had to get to the finish no matter what.

Already after 300 meters in the water I felt that my body did not have what it takes that day, I saw the lead group bike off and was left rather lonely. I tried to catch some people by going really deep, so deep I actually threw up after 15k already (oops), I came pretty close, but obviously there was no point really. The group was too fast for me and I knew I was going to suffer on the run. As I did. It turned into running the loops on character (pain).

Eventually I finished 27th (I heard later, I had no clue). Definitely a race to forget about. My season is over for now, I will soon look back at 2016 here and give a forecast for 2017. The upcoming time I will continue training low profile and then we will make a beautiful trip through southern Africa. From December on, back to business. Thank you all for all the support this season! The comments after a race like this are maybe even nicer to receive than after a good race!