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What goes down must come up??

Sometimes thing go without saying. Swimming lanes and feeling like you can go on forever, riding the bike without any effort or running as if you’re flying. Unfortunately, sometimes it also ends up being the other way around. Then getting ready for a bike ride is already difficult and leaving to go to the pool feels like going to the dentist for a root canal treatment.

The week before Prague I had a period like that. No energy, sleepy all day and headaches like I usualy get when I’m tired. Trainings in the weekend were shortened, monday and tuesday I did nothing at all and after that I slowly picked up again. Wednesday I felt alright, so Prague it was. The days before the race I didn’t get to train as usual anyways, so I took it easy the rest of the week and would just go for it on sunday and see what it would bring me.

The swimming was quite alright, in a big group behind 3 fast swimmers I came out of the water. After that it was still a pretty long run to the transition area, once I got my bike I hit the gass. But then I started feeling bad again soon. A throbbing headache, that got worse with the minutes, kicked in and I felt like it was going to explode. After 10 minutes I couldn’t take it anymore and even had to sit up straight. It helped a bit, but wouldn’t go away. Continuing the race made no sense. I still finished the loop of 45k and then decided to get out of the race to safe myself for the rest of my races this season.


evert scheltinga

2 weeks later it was time for Challenge Turku, Finland. Training was still not great and I kept feeling a bit tired in the beginning; then after a few days it started to get better and I got enthusiastic to race again.

The swimming was nothing to write home about, I couldn’t find a rhythm and was dropped by boys that I should have been able to join. Once on the bike it started to feel better. I got into the race and the last 20k on the bike I could give some extra power to let go of some competition. I ran a nice and flat half marathon and even had some spare left for the last 2k to ensure a 6th place.

After some off-weeks this race was a positive result and I am happy that I’m starting to get real fit again. Just a few more weeks until Almere, looking forwards to race there!