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The Best Horse in the Stable

IMG_0193Last sunday I participated in a really nice race in Samorin, Slovakia. Without getting paid to say this, I would recommend everyone to do this race! The athmosphere was great, everything was well arranged. The days before the race I was able to train outside in a 50-meter pool while watching the olympics on big screens every breath that I took.

I like to go for some relaxation outside the “triathlon bubble”

Before the race I went into Bratislava with coach Romy. For me that is the ideal preparation; I like to go for some relaxation outside the “triathlon bubble”. Al together this made me appear very relaxed aand well trained at the start.

This can’t go wrong anymore I thought.

I finished the swim in 3rd place and it became my big goal then to catch the leader. Soon I had him in sight and we cycled a part of the course together. At the end I noticed that I was stronger and able to drop him on a wide open part of the course where there was a lot of wind. In the meanwhile it started to rain really and the pavement got slippery, that is how I managed to kiss the tarmac 3k before the transition. I was quite bloody, but due to all the adrenaline I felt nothing until after the finish.

I quickly transitioned onto the run and heard my lead was 3 minutes. That can’t go wrong I thought. I found a nice rythm and was able to keep this up until the finish (despite my special need bags getting lost). The last made me panic a little bit for a minute, but behind the scenes the problem was soon solved.

Really happy with my first big international win! Walking is a bit painful and my hip hurts now, but that doesn’t matter; it was worth it. But maybe next time I will just try and not fall.

Just recharging myself 1 more time this season and hope I recover well in time before European championship Challenge Walchsee.