Arnhem, The Netherlands - Stellenbosch, South-Africa

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Party in Frankfurt!

Port Elizabeth opened my eyes and made me hungry for more. It was a good race, but I also realized I could do a lot better. After some doubt discussion I eventually decided to participate in Frankfurt. Again 0ne of the strongest full triathlons in the world, but if you want to reach the top you got to join the top.


My goal in this race was rather simple, I wanted to be faster than in South-Africa (8:31:04) and especially on the marathon I had to improve. The foundation for that was created this winter, back in Holland I got to sharpen the knives. I was ready.

It became all or nothing and I wanted to get as much in front as I could as soon as possible.

The swimming didn’t go as well as planned. I missed that little extra that I needed. I had a hard time following the feet of the guy in front of me. Eventually I swam the 2,8 kilometers in my own pace and that made me exit the water in 50:03, further away from the lead than I hoped.

evert scheltinga

On the bike I felt straight away strong. It became a matter of all or nothing and I wanted to get to the front as fast as possible. After the first 5k I had already moved up 4 places and then Sebastiaan Kienle passed me. That was my chance! It was a great deal of pain for 30k but eventually I could together with him get to the leading group. Kienle took off crazy as he is and I thought that was enough for me so stuck to the group. The rest of the bike I rode in 3rd position in this group and that was quite relaxing. After a biketime of 4:15:20 I could start the marathon.

The supporters on the Team4talent-boat went wild everytime I passed, that gave a lot of energy.

evert scheltinga frankfurt

The running started a big stiff, but that was no surprise after the cray effords I did on the bike. Eventhough I was stiff I really had to keep myself from starting off too fast. The supporters on the Team4talent-boat went wild everytime I passed, that gave a lot of energy. I moved from place 9 to 7, but was caught in the last 4k. With a final marathon of 2:55:46 I finished extremely happy in 8th place on this European champion ship in a total time of 8:05:13.

Tears when I hugged my Romy after the finish, my brothers, Jeroen en of course André without whom I could have never done this. All of them, but so many more supporters I want to thank! Next to that my loyal runningcoach Piet, who could unfortunately not be there, but who played a big role in making this time possible. Most of all thanks to Romy, supporting me through the good and the bad days or races.

evert scheltinga

evert scheltinga

evert scheltinga frankfurt

evert scheltinga frankfurt

Super prestatie van Erwin en Coen die zondag hebben bewezen een Ironman te zijn!