Arnhem, The Netherlands - Stellenbosch, South-Africa

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Lucky #4

A 4th place can be a bit furstrating as it is just no podium place. But last weekend in Luxembourg I was happy with it due to the stable race I put together. Swimming and cycling was nothing crazy in a group of around 10 men. Nowadays you often see that the difference is only made on the run. And where last year I left the group on the bike, I stayed with the group. Because I invested a lot of time and energy in my running and wanted to see how I would perform on the run if I hadn’t gone too crazy on the bike.

Evert Scheltinga en Jeroen Giezen

Evert Scheltinga
The running felt good and it felt like I was actually running instead of just finishing off the race, like how it sometimes used to feel. I got to keep the pace up high and that resulted in a 4th place without any mental or physical break-downs 😉
Now taking a rest and then going wild in Frankfurt!
Evert Scheltinga

Dit keer niet in de penalty tent 😉