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Icing on the Cake in Thailand

After a long season I planned a little race to “seal the deal”; half Challenge Kanchanaburi. A race in the Thai heat and humidity was new to me, so now it was the end of the season that made for a good chance to test it and see how I physically respond.

A week before the race I traveled to Thailand with my trusted coach Romy, to have time to get over the jetlag and get used to the climate we decided to take a couple of days in. I realized the edge was a bit off. It was just a matter of refueling once again and give everything I had for the last time this year.

Nederlandse delegatie in Thailand

Dutch delegation in Thailand

After the start I felt that the swimming was not the way it should be. I constantly felt like swimming against the current, which wasn’t great 😉 During the swim I lost 1,5 minute and exited the water 5th. Once on the bike I had a hard time finding a rythm on the tough course. Only when Johannes Moldan passed me I could find some rythm and start chasing the 4 leaders. After 90 tough kilometers we came back into transition where I started running in 4th place.

 The running went surprisingly well.

It got hot and I used each aid station to cool down as much as I could. The running went surprisingly well and I soon ran to 3rd place. The run course was hilly, which made it rough. Unfortunately, I couldn’t keep up the 3rd place and had to let one guy pass me before the finish. All together happy with my 4th place.



Compleet choco

Compleet choco

Now a well deserved holiday and off to our second home in Stellenbosch, South-Africa!