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2nd Place Israman (Eilat, Israël)

Israman EvertNew season, new chances! After a season full of bad-luck races in 2016, I am ready for 2016. The season kicked off early with the Israman in Eilat, Israël. It turned out to be a triathlon of extremes. Although the weather in Israël was a whole lot nicer than in the Netherlands we had to cycle in extreme cold. Not was I had in mind. With frozen legs we came onto the run, this started with 9k down hill, back to the heat.

It turned out to be a triathlon of extremes

This race was for me the confirmation that I am on the right track for 2016. So I am very satisfied with a 2nd place here. What added up to this joy is that my brother, Diederik, finished 3rd just shortly after me. The downside of this race is the huge sourness we felt the days after due to the large down-hill part and the cold . According to Diederik you could compare it to a full triathlon. I can’t tell, but it hurts ;-).

For photos of the race see my Facebook and Instagram! I continue training like I do and start the European season with Ironman 70.3 in Aix-en-Provence (1st of May).